Corporate Department

Experience in Business, Investment and Insurance Issues.

Some of our practices in Corporate Department:

  • Labor Contracts.
  • Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Domain Names.
  • Dispute resolution through arbitration (Member of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center)
  • Articles of Association and Shareholders Agreements.
  • Joint Investments.
  • Publicly listed Companies Governance Regulations.
  • Internal Regulations of Companies.
  • Foreign Investments.
  • Concession Contracts, Commercial Agencies, Mutual Cooperation.
  • Income Tax for Foreign Investors.
  • Insurance Contracts and Disputes.
  • Consultancy Contracts.
  • Contracts and Disputes of Telecommunications and Information Technology Services.
  • Loan and Financing Contracts.
  • Banking Disputes.
  • Securities Disputes.
  • Commercial Papers Disputes