Abdul Nasir Al-Sohaibani / Founder & Managing Partner

Abdulnasir bin Abdulrahman Al-Sohaibani is the Founder and the current General Manager of the Firm. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Sharia University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University where he graduated in 1979; thereafter he obtained his Diploma from the Higher Institute of the Judiciary.


During the subsequent ten years he worked in several fields of commercial and legal nature until Abdulnasir Al-Sohaibani established his own law office, Sohaibani Law Firm (SLF) in 1988, and over the years, his practice in the legal profession and consultancies has received the confidence of many major companies and entrepreneurs, government institutions and state-men. He has been a constant participant in numerous inter-governmental forums, committees, and boards of Directors deliberations. In addition to participating in the drafting of many regulations such as the system of enforcment, judiciary, arbitration, investment, the bar, and as such, he became member of different organization, thus:


  • Member – Board of Directors, Saudi Lawyers Association
  • Chairman – Bar Committee, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce
  • Member -National Committee for Lawyers, Riyadh Chambers of Commerce.
  • Member – Board of Trustees, Riyadh Economic Forum.
  • Member – Standing Committee, Saudi Arbitration Centre.
  • Chairman – Saudi Bar Association – Ministry of Justice.
  • Member – Constituent Committee and The Commission for the Award of the Goodwill Ambassador Award.
  • Board member of several companies.

Tarek Al-Sohabani / Partner

Tarek Al-Sohabani obtained his Bachelor of Law from Faculty of Law and Political Science at King Saud University in 2012. He immediately joined Sohaibani Law Firm as a lawyer trainee for a year in order to gain a foundation of legal practice. In 2014, Tarek Al-Sohabani completed graduate studies and receive a master’s degree in Business, international trade specialist from the American University in Washington, DC, USA, and thereafter, he finished his Masters Degree in Administrative Law specializes in privacy laws & IP from the same university in 2015. He returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the following year and became one of the partners of Abdulnasir Al-Sohaibani and Partners. His work specializes in the field of Intellectual Property, Labour and trade sectors in general.

Omar Al-Sohaibani / Partner

Omar Al-Sohaibani obtained his Bachelor of Law from the Faculty of Law and Political Science at King Saud University in 2012. Thereafter, he joined the then Office – Sohaibani Law Firm- as a lawyer trainee for a period of two years wherein he mainly focused on the acquisition of basic skills of being a lawyer and know the legal market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the year 2014, he developed his personal skills and made access to international practices and development of the English language. He went to United States to study English and finished his master’s degree specializing in contracts and international trade from the University of California in 2017. After his return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Omar Al-Sohaibani worked in one of the offices of international law firm until he ended up as a lawyer. He is now one of the partners of Abdul Nasser Al-Sohaibani and Partners. As a lawyer, he specializes in drafting and rendering legal advice on Contracts, Real Estate and contract sectors in general.

Zakariah Al-Sohaibani / Partner

Zakariyah Al-Sohaibani obtained a Bachelor’s in Sharia Law from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 2013. He worked in the private sector to enhance his skills in the field of administration. He also engaged in the real estate sector. Thereafter, He joined the law office of Sohaibani Law Office and became one the partners of the law firm of Sohaibani and Partners. His fields of work includes legal consulting services in various cases, plead disputes, administrative, commercial and labor issues.

Abdul Nasser Yassin / Counsellor

Abdul Nasser Yassin is a lawyer from Egypt with more than 20 years of experience in legal work, management of litigation, drafting legal documents, specializing in Insurance Law, Trade, International Trade, Administrative Law, Civil and Corporate Law.
An Expert in providing advisory services, drafting legal documents, deeply knowledgeable in the management of business related investigations, pleadings, see effective and realistic in providing legal solutions to the administrative requirements and operations according to the relevant regulations, and the formulation adopted and the revision of internal regulations of companies and institutions.


He is also an expert in examination, study and guidance on all legal matters with effective communication and initiative in problem solving, with commitment to the organization of the legal files to ensure compliance under various laws.

Ayman Alsayed / Lawyer

Ayman Alsayed obtain his Bachelor of Law from Al-Azhar University, Arab Republic of Egypt in 2005, and after graduation, he joined as a lawyer trainee in a law firm based in Egypt for two years to acquire the skill in Legal Consultancy process. In 2008, he joined the office of Sohaibani Law Firm as one of the legal advisers. His field of works specialize in commercial cases, administrative and labour cases. He is also well experienced in drafting contracts, agreements, legal briefs and the likes.

Deniz Kozakci AlSohaibani / Senior Legal Consultant

Deniz Kozakci Sohabani obtained his Bachelor of law from Bilkent University Faculty of Law which is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. She immediately started working as trainee lawyer in a top tier law firm in Turkey and obtained her first LLM degree in Law of Economics from İstanbul Bilgi University. In 2015, Deniz Kozakci Sohabani completed graduate studies and received her second master’s degree in Business, international trade specialist from the American University in Washington, DC, USA. Following her graduation, Ms. Kozakci Sohabani returned to Turkey and joined a very prestigious a law firm which is specialized in Competition Law and Data Privacy. In 2018, she joined Sohaibani and Partners as senior legal consultant. Her work specializes in the field of Competition Law, Intellectual Property, Labour and Business in general. She speaks Turkish and English fluently.

Fahad AlSohaibani / Lawyer

Fahad AlSohaibani graduated from the Faculty of Sharia, Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University in 2016. He joined the office of Sohaibani Law Firm as a lawyer trainee for a period of three years, where he earned a license in law. He received a number of accredited courses and workshops specialized in the legal profession. His field of works focuses mainly on actions relating to corporate and administrative issues and Human Rights.

Abdul-Rahman Abaalkhail / Lawyer

Abdulrahman Suleiman aba-alkhail graduated in 2013 from Sharia and Islamic Studies University in Qassim with a bachelor in Shariaa with honors, afterwards in 2016 he completed his Master degree in The high Judicial Academy specialized in Comparative Islamic Studies with honors, after his graduation he i joined the PHD program in Comparative Islamic Studies in Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University.
During his PHD studies Abdulrahman served as Teaching Assistant and taught Law classes in addition to cooperating with Law Firms in Riyadh as a legal counsel.
Abdulrahman Joined SLF in 2019 after obtaining his legal practice license as a litigation lawyer, he litigates cases in front of Administrative and general courts.

Yasser Alfhadil / Legal Intern

Yasser Al-Fadil obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the College of Law and Political Science at King Saud University in 2017 AD, then joined SLF in 2018 as a trained lawyer, through which he acquired legal skill and practical experience in the legal field. In 2019, he went to study the English language in the United Kingdom in the desire to acquire another language that qualifies him to work in both Arabic and English in the legal field. The work of the trained lawyer Yasser Al-Fadil focuses on drafting regulations and attending sessions in various courts, committees and bodies.

Abeer Alhayyan / Legal Intern

Abeer Nasser AlHayyan obtained her Bachelor of Laws from College of Business and Management at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University in 2018. She also received Diploma in Computer Applications from College of Computer and Information Sciences at Imam Bin Muhammad Bin Saud University in the same year.


During her studies, Abeer Nasser AlHayyan attended training and courses to enhance self-development and gain experiences in legal profession. After graduation, she worked as Project Manager at Future Dream Corporation until late 2018. Thereafter, she worked as legal consultant at Al-Arfai Company in 2019. She recently joined the law firm of Sohaibani and Partners as lawyer trainee.